L-R Erin Tracy, Austin Hammond, Tom Miller, Mike Offerosky, Mary Green, Collin McNamara

OFFICERS 2018-2020

Erin Tracy, Co-Chair  Mary Green, Co-Chair

Collin McNamara, Co-Vice Chair Austin Hammond, Co-Vice Chair

Tom Miller, Treasurer/Secretary Mike Offerosky, Sergeant at Arms

Contact us at: WaupacaDemocrats@gmail.com


Come walk with Waupaca Democrats, Outagamie Democrats, State Rep. Amanda Stuck, and Candidate for Congress Beau Liegeois!

The April 3 election is approaching fast and we need your help! The Waupaca County Democratic Party is sponsoring an entry in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New London on Saturday, March 17. Come join the fun! We will gather in the staging area about 11:45 AM for the parade that begins at 1:00 PM. 

The theme is “Where the Irish Pride is Mighty, New Dublin, 2018.” We will have theme related items, but our most important goal is to share positive, progressive messages and provide an opportunity for Democratic candidates to walk with us and share their hopes for the upcoming elections.

We will walk with a four-wheeled bicycle for two people to pedal and have two riders, so those who can’t walk the mile or need a rest can take turns riding. If you can join us, please email Clif Morton at clif68morton@gmail.com or call him at 920-472-1021. Clif will reply with directions and information about the parade route

We are also having a sign-making house party on Saturday, March 10, at E8710 Cut-Off Road, New London, WI., at 1:00 PM. Come, and we’ll have some fun as we rely on your creativity to help develop some poster sized signs.

In looking beyond the parade, we would like to create a local document that reflects who we are and what we stand for. Please give us your input with your ideas. Also, we would like to consider developing a slogan. Please look at the attached list of possible slogans for the WCDP. You can add to the list and change ideas that are there. The important thing is to develop a consensus that provides a framework of understanding with one another as we move forward.. It will also be something we can share with others as we build the WCDP to where we can turn Waupaca County BLUE! We hope to make this an action item for our April meeting TBD.

Live Fearlessly, Speak Freely

Leadership That Works for All of Us

Working for YOU

Working Harder for Waupaca County

Fighting for Waupaca County Families

Working for a Better Waupaca County

It’s Time for a Change

A Voice for You

A Voice for Smart Growth

Leadership, Listening, and Love

Taking Action, Getting Results

Waupaca Can Be R2D2

The Right Direction Needs to Take a Left Turn

A New Vision for a Brighter Future

Making a Better World for ALL

“D” is for Driving Forward, “R” is for Reverse


We look forward to hearing from you!

 Mary, Erin, Collin, Austin, Tom, and Mike

contact us: waupacademocrats@gmail.com





Vote April 3 in Spring Primary!





**If you would enjoy some Saturday morning socializing (when no meeting is scheduled), members and supporters gather at 10 a.m for breakfast/brunch and conversation at the Rose Garden Restaurant…902 Churchill St. Waupaca.